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Meet Linda

Broward County has been Linda’s homebase for the last 17 years. After retiring from a successful career in the US and abroad, Linda is ready to get back to work! She wants to work for the people of Broward County, District 93.  

Linda has decades of Federal government experience combined with a commitment to service and a love for the community. This is the quality of leadership and representation District 93 deserves and needs. 

During her time as an Assistant Inspector General for the US State Department, Linda fought to protect taxpayer dollars from fraud and waste, holding officials accountable for abuse of power. She worked on Capitol Hill with Congressional staff and committees to review and comment on legislation on a daily basis. In her 12 years with the US Foreign Service in Latin America, she led teams bringing training and educational opportunities for students, professionals and community organizations.

It’s time to rebuild our future and stand up to the special interests and status quo that defy what voters want and need.

A Career Holding our Government Accountable to its People

Linda graduated from the College of Wooster, Ohio, with a B.A. in Political Science and started her career in Washington, D.C. managing public and congressional affairs at the U.S. Department of Commerce, Office of Minority Business Enterprise. Upon finishing law school at Catholic University’s Columbus School of Law, her private practice focused on small business start-ups. 

As a community leader and mother of three, Linda advocated successfully for pre-K education in the D.C. public schools. She joined the U.S. Department of State as an attorney in the Office of Inspector General (OIG) and later became the Assistant Inspector General for Congressional and Media Affairs. As an Assistant IG, Linda led efforts to promote better management and prevent waste, fraud and abuse of taxpayer dollars through ongoing audits, inspections of overseas embassies, and criminal investigations. As part of her duties, Linda also worked on a daily basis with Capitol Hill to review and comment on legislation.  

When her three children went off to college, Linda joined the Foreign Service as a Public Affairs Officer in US Embassies in Bogota, Montevideo, Buenos Aires and Lima, until her retirement in 2014. As a Public Affairs Officer, Linda also served as the President of the Fulbright Commission in each country to foster partnership through professional international exchanges. 

Linda has counted on Broward County as her homebase for 17 years. Since retiring in 2014, she’s been an integral part of the Broward community which she considers to be one of the most welcoming, diverse, and community-oriented places she’s ever lived. 

Linda’s Beginnings in Small Town Michigan

Linda grew up in a farm community in Southwest Michigan. Her father was a community leader and business owner in their small town. After her father’s death, Linda worked multiple jobs to earn money for college. Whether it was picking asparagus at a local farm, waitressing, or lifeguarding, these experiences gave Linda the strong work ethic that has guided her through her life. Linda soon moved to Washington, D.C. where she raised her three children and built a successful career.

Why she’s running

Broward County’s interests are not being served by the current leadership. Whether it’s fighting for gun safety, protecting our clean water, expanding healthcare, improving infrastructure, or finally saying NO to fracking and drilling, we need a representative who will stand up to the special interests in Tallahassee. 

After retiring from a successful career, Linda is ready to get back to work for the people of District 93, to rebuild our future. If elected, Linda will stand up to the special interests that rob us of the resources we need to rebuild infrastructure and restore a safer, healthier community. 

Linda has a proven track record of doing just that. She has the courage and competence to do the right thing for voters, not lobbyists. 

People are hurting, that’s why I’m running. I want the hardworking families and small businesses that are the heart of Broward County to not just SURVIVE, but THRIVE.


Priorities for Broward County

Here’s what you can expect me to get done for Broward County:

Protections Against Sea Level Rise and Water Pollution - District 93 thrives on the tourism that our beautiful beaches attract, but as sea level rise erodes our beaches, red tides and pollution threaten our hospitality and marine industries. Rising sea levels are already already flooding our homes, threatening our life savings and our future. We need a statewide plan that directly addresses sea level rise and protects our beaches, homes, and clean water.

Expand Medicaid and Healthcare Access - Florida has the 3rd largest uninsured population of any state, with over 2.7M uninsured in 2018. Yet due to inaction in Tallahassee, Florida continues to lose a huge pot of in federal dollars that would pay for healthcare needed by our friends and neighbors. Over 400,000 Floridians would gain health coverage if we adopted this common-sense option, and that number is growing as more people lose jobs and employer-provided insurance. I will push for full implementation of Medicaid expansion which is long overdue.

Common Sense Gun Safety Legislation - 4.6 million children in the U.S. live in homes with unlocked guns. Guns are the 3rd leading cause of death among children. In Florida, a gun is stolen every 26 minutes, and it’s 3rd in the nation for gun theft. We need to finally put in place common-sense gun safety legislation to protect our children and reduce gun violence. This would include safer storage of guns, closing the gun-show loophole for universal background checks, limiting ammunition sold, and prohibiting criminals convicted of violent crimes from having guns.

Invest in Public Education - Each year, more of our taxpayer dollars for public education are being diverted to for-profit private Charter schools that are not subject to the same rules and oversight of nonprofit public schools.Whether or not we have children in our public schools, public education is at the heart of a healthy community and an important economic driver. I want to ensure that all schools are playing by the same rules and given the resources our teachers and students deserve.