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How To Vote

Exercise Your Right to Vote Safely

Request an absentee ballot to safely vote from home – Deadline to request is Oct 24th at 5PM!

Drop off your ballot or Vote Early in Broward County

Dates: Mon Oct 19th – Sun Nov 1st, 7AM – 7PM Daily

Important Links

Local Supervisors of Elections


DNC Voter Tool

Free Election Reminders

FDP Voter Protection Hotline

(833) VOTE-FLA ​
— or —
(833) 868-3352

District 93

Important Dates

10/4 – SOE designates early voting polling locations

10/5 – Deadline to register to vote

10/24 @ 5pm – Deadline to request Vote-by-Mail ballot

10/19 – Early voting begins

11/01 – Early voting ends

11/3 @ 7pm – Deadline to return Vote-by-Mail ballots

11/3 – Election Day


At any time until 5:00 p.m. on 10/24/20, voters can request​ ​a VBM ballot be mailed to them. Obviously, ​earlier requests are better! Voters can request a VBM ballot in person at their county SOE’s office at any time including Election Day. Be aware that the completed ballot must be PHYSICALLY ​received​ by the SOE before 7 p.m. on Election Day.

Early Voting and Ballot Drop-off Sites

  • Broward SOE Main Office, 115 South Andrews Ave. (Brickell Avenue Entrance) Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Voting Equipment Center at the Lauderhill Mall (Rear Entrance) 1501 N.W. 40th Ave. Lauderhill. 
  • ALL 22 early voting locations, starting Mon. October 19th through Sunday November 1st.
  • You can only drop off a ballot during voting hours, which 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Vote-By-Mail: Myth vs. Fact


  • Vote-By-Mail ballots may be rejected
  • Vote-By-Mail means I cannot vote in person
  • I need an excuse to Vote-By-Mail
  • I only have to sign up once to Vote-By-Mail
  • USPS will lose my ballot
  • Nobody will put my ballot into the tabulation machine


  • You can track your VBM ballot at your Supervisor of Elections’ website
  • Return your VBM ballot early to allow time for corrections; VBM acceptance rate in FL is 99%; #1 reason for rejection is that a voter forgets to sign the mailing envelope
  • Only if your SOE has already received your completed VBM
  • Any registered voter can use VBM in Florida; no excuse necessary
  • VBM is valid for 2 election cycles (up to 4 yrs.) and must be renewed
  • You can skip the mail and return your completed ballot in person to a secure drop box if you prefer
  • VBM ballots are removed from their mailing envelopes and placed into the machine in a public proceeding