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How To Vote

Exercise Your Right to Vote Safely

Request an absentee ballot to safely vote from home!

Important Links

Local Supervisors of Elections


DNC Voter Tool

Free Election Reminders

FDP Voter Protection Hotline

(833) VOTE-FLA ​
— or —
(833) 868-3352

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Important Dates

10/4 - SOE designates early voting polling locations

10/5 - Deadline to register to vote

10/24 @ 5pm - Deadline to request Vote-by-Mail ballot

10/19 - Early voting begins

10/31 - Early voting ends

11/3 @ 7pm - Deadline to return Vote-by-Mail ballots

11/3 - Election Day


At any time until 5:00 p.m. on 10/24/20, voters can request​ ​a VBM ballot be mailed to them. Obviously, ​earlier requests are better! Voters can request a VBM ballot in person at their county SOE’s office at any time including Election Day. Be aware that the completed ballot must be ​received​ by the SOE before 7 p.m. on Election Day.

Early Voting and Ballot Drop-off Sites

  • Broward SOE Main Office, 115 South Andrews Ave. (Brickell Avenue Entrance) Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Voting Equipment Center at the Lauderhill Mall (Rear Entrance) 1501 N.W. 40th Ave. Lauderhill. 
  • ALL 22 early voting locations, starting Mon. October 19th through Sunday November 1st.
  • You can only drop off a ballot during voting hours, which 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Vote-By-Mail: Myth vs. Fact


  • Vote-By-Mail ballots may be rejected
  • Vote-By-Mail means I cannot vote in person
  • I need an excuse to Vote-By-Mail
  • I only have to sign up once to Vote-By-Mail
  • USPS will lose my ballot
  • Nobody will put my ballot into the tabulation machine


  • You can track your VBM ballot at your Supervisor of Elections’ website
  • Return your VBM ballot early to allow time for corrections; VBM acceptance rate in FL is 99%; #1 reason for rejection is that a voter forgets to sign the mailing envelope
  • Only if your SOE has already received your completed VBM
  • Any registered voter can use VBM in Florida; no excuse necessary
  • VBM is valid for 2 election cycles (up to 4 yrs.) and must be renewed
  • You can skip the mail and return your completed ballot in person to a secure drop box if you prefer
  • VBM ballots are removed from their mailing envelopes and placed into the machine in a public proceeding