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Important Issues

Important Issues

Priorities for Broward County

Here’s what you can expect me to get done for Broward County:

Protections Against Sea Level Rise and Water Pollution – District 93 thrives on the tourism that our beautiful beaches attract, but as sea level rise erodes our beaches, red tides and pollution threaten our hospitality and marine industries. Rising sea levels are already flooding our homes, threatening our life savings and our future. We need a statewide plan to comprehensively address sea level rise and protect our homes, beaches, and clean water.

Expand Medicaid and Healthcare Access – Florida has the 3rd largest uninsured population of any state, with over 2.7M uninsured in 2018. Yet due to inaction in Tallahassee, Florida continues to lose a huge pot of federal dollars that would pay for healthcare needed by our friends and neighbors. Over 400,000 Floridians would gain health coverage if we adopted this common-sense option, and that number is growing as more people lose jobs and employer-provided insurance. I will push for full implementation of Medicaid expansion which is long overdue.

Common Sense Gun Safety Legislation – 4.6 million children in the U.S. live in homes with unlocked guns. Guns are the 3rd leading cause of death among children. In Florida, a gun is stolen every 26 minutes, and it’s 3rd in the nation for gun theft. We need to finally put in place common-sense gun safety legislation to protect our children and reduce gun violence. This would include safer storage of guns, closing the gun-show loophole for universal background checks, limiting ammunition sold, and prohibiting criminals convicted of violent crimes from having guns.

Invest in Public Education – Each year, more of your taxpayer dollars for public education are being diverted to for-profit Charter schools that are not subject to the same rules and oversight as other public schools. Whether or not you have children in our public schools, public education is at the heart of a healthy community and an important economic driver. I want to ensure that all schools are playing by the same rules and given the resources our teachers and students deserve.